Samsung Flow: A Half baked application which might come handy to Samsung Users.

December 24, 2019

It’s a known fact that continuity between Apple products or to say in the” Apple Ecosystem” is impeccable. The problem with android is that there are so many different brands making so many different phones running on various Android versions, to make an application to support them is very tough. To solve that Microsoft has made “Your Phone”, but it has its fair share of problems. In comes, “Samsung Flow”, Samsung’s take on the problem. It has come up as a surprise to me that very few know about the app. So today, we are going to review the Samsung Flow.

Let’s begin with how we can connect your phone to your pc, you can connect either via Option 1:Bluetooth  2:Wi-Fi or LAN and 3: Cable. Option 2 might be the option to go with. Unfortunately, I have never been able to connect via Bluetooth even after a week of trying, the reason for that is open to anyone’s guess. I, personally would like an Option, “Auto” where it automatically connects whenever the phone is near and unlocked. Imagine a situation, you are using the application and WiFi is disconnected, even though the phone is right there connected to the pc, the pc waits for WiFi to connect again. 

The things it does well makes me fall for it in the meantime the things it doesn’t get right are so frustrating that it makes me wonder was there any thought process behind making this app?

Moving onto the features, it ain’t feature-packed but the features available are pretty handy. Flow History might be the reason why most people would lookout for these kinds of app. It helps you send any file to and fro from your PC.  Likewise, notification sync, as the name suggests syncs your notification from your phone to PC. Clipboard Sync and Ability to toggle Hotspot are similar self-explanatory features that are nothing extraordinary but get things done.

One of the most compelling features is Smart View, it mirrors your phone to PC. You might be wondering, what bad is the lag? Even though noticeable, it’s pretty usable. One of the features I like is the ability to turn off the display but unfortunately, it just doesn’t work right now. Samsung has promised an update to fix the issue but who knows when the update rolls out.

Finally, the best feature is the ability to unlock the pc using your phone. Akin to the whole app, its half baked. Yeah, you can unlock pc by unlocking your phone but every single time you need to accept the request to unlock. I know it’s not a big deal but it adds up over time. I would like to be able to unlock the phone and boom PC is also unlocked. That might raise a privacy concern to some people so the ability to toggle that on or off would be sweet.

I’ve listed a lot of shortcomings, does that mean I don’t suggest using it? It’s not like that, the things it does well makes me fall for it in the meantime the things it doesn’t get right are so frustrating and makes me wonder was there any thought process behind making this app?

Having said that, I still recommend this over “Your Phone” by Microsoft to a person:

With an unreliable internet connection.

Who doesn’t want to make another account.

Who doesn’t need the whole host of features.

Who are privacy-conscious and don’t like Microsoft’s privacy policies.


Also, “Your Phone” app is best for people:

Who are already into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Want to answer calls from PC.


Eventually, it comes down to personal preference, the apps are pretty similar to each other.If you like try Flow you can find it either on Play Store or here , for “Your Phone” Play Store.  I wonder the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft on “Your Phone” has halted the development of “Samsung Flow” or not. 

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