When will you get OneUI 2.0 in your phone?

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December 3, 2019

If you are unaware, OneUI is Samsung’s take on Android. Samsung introduced OneUI as part of updates to Android 9 “Pie”, beginning with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 in January 2019. The clean and minimal UI of OneUI, is arguably the best android skin available there with some even touting it to be even better than the Stock Android.

Now for the Android 10 update, Samsung has introduced ONEUI 2.0, it improves on aspect that the previous iteration was short. You can read about the best and new features of OneUI 2.0 here.

Samsung and Android update don’t go hand in hand, so all you can do is wait and hope that Samsung sends you OTA updates. Knowing that the demand for updates is very high, Samsung has released the timeline for Android 10 updates for different devices. Keep in mind that it depends on the country and the schedule might be different for you (the photo we’ve posted is for Indian region).

It’s also worth noting that the update schedule and eligible models could be changed in case Samsung encounters any issues during the ongoing review. The updates may also be halted after release if the company encounters any critical bugs. In case any such change occurs, users will be notified through the Samsung Members app.

You can check about your country’s timeline through Samsung Members app. If you don’t the app, you might want to have it if you are a Samsung User, its available both in Galaxy Store and Play Store.

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